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Top Programs to Escape the Winter

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We would like to introduce you to our Top programs to Escape the Winter. We’re sure you'll enjoy these locations and programs.

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Spanish & Salsa / Tango (Cordoba, Argentina)

Cordoba's average temperatures are 62-85 degrees from January until March. Although you may go anywhere in Argentina to escape the cold of Europe and North America, we recommend Cordoba as the place to go. Virtually undiscovered by North American tourists, this city has a little of everything for visitors. Founded in 1573, Cordoba boasts many colonial style cathedrals and buildings. Amongst the many Spanish courses offered, we especially like Spanish & Tango dance classes since Tango originated in Argentina. If you wish, you can substitute Salsa dance lessons for Tango.  There are a plethora of programs in Cordoba from regular group Spanish classes to SALUD Medical Spanish programs to volunteer/Internship programs.

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Costa Rica

Expect temperatures January-March to be around 65-85 degrees in the central valley where San Jose is located and higher on the coasts.  Costa Rica, known as the Switzerland of Central America, is a 'hotspot' for celebrities flocking to the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. However, AmeriSpan has known of Costa Rica's richness for many years. This small country is a paradise for nature lovers with national parks, jungles, volcanoes, beaches, and more water per square mile than any other country in the world, excluding New Zealand. AmeriSpan programs here are just as diverse as the locations offered. We continue to offer popular programs for adults, college & medical students, teachers and teenagers! No matter which town or program you choose, you will enjoy living the Pura Vida!

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay's summer is during North America's winter. Looking for a South American experience but want to avoid some of the big-city costs of Buenos Aires and Santiago? Montevideo is an excellent choice for Spanish students! You'll have a genuine immersion experience and be warmly welcomed by the locals who will love to speak with you! This small city is easy to navigate on foot and by local bus, and the lovely beach of Pocitos and the pedestrian Rambla all along the Rio de la Plata make for great outdoor fun. In fact, you can get even more out of your trip by taking "Spanish and Sailing", "Spanish and Windsurfing." or other special programs. 

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Dominican Republic (Sosua & Santo Domingo)

No surprise the Dominican Republic is a great place for some warmth during the North American winter or any other time. The country is a short, inexpensive flight from the US where colonial charm and historic ruins keep company with a bustling, modern city. This country's low cost-of-living makes it easy to travel inexpensively to various destinations. This island nation provides ample choices for enjoying nature…mountains, jungle, beautiful beaches and the sea.  We offer programs in Santo Domingo and Sosua. In addition to group Spanish classes, we also offer Spanish & Dance, Windsurfing or Scuba courses, as well as a SALUD Medical Spanish program. 

Learn about Spanish programs in Dominican Republic

Cartagena, Colombia

How's an average temperature of 75-86 and a beach? Colombia is still uncharted territory for many Americans; but more and more people are beginning to venture here. Cartagena is one of the most popular cities in Colombia and a great place to start for those making their first trip to the country. With beautiful beaches, a colorful colonial setting, volunteer projects and an active nightlife, there is something for everyone. At this small school, students receive lots of personalized attention and great instruction. Host families are friendly and some say Colombians speak the purest Spanish. Travel tip: Lunch at school is delicious and usually under $4.

Study Spanish in Cartagena

Italian and the Tastes of Sicily (Taormina-Sicily, Italy)

Expect temperatures of 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit in January to March. There are a few things that come to mind when you think of Italy. For most people food and wine is at the top of the list. Sicily is famous for both and in the “Tastes of Sicily’ program, participants will have the opportunity to indulge in the best cheeses, oils, and wines the region has to offer. Culinary experts will be on hand to teach you the origins of some of Italy’s most popular products. They will teach you how to decipher the good from the bad and how to get the best flavors from your products. Everyone will also bring back recipes and innovative ideas on how to use these products in your own home. This is a sure way to impress your date or friends at your next dinner party!

Learn more about Italian courses in Taormina-Sicily, Italy

Antigua, Guatemala

Averaging 72-86 degrees from January to March, Antigua is one of our most popular and least expensive locations. Antigua also happens to be a favorite of several AmeriSpanistas. We offer many programs here that provide you with the opportunity to experience more of the culture for less. Those with limited time and money will appreciate the opportunity presented by the "Un Poco de Todo" program, which incorporates classes, volunteering and excursions to some of the best spots in Guatemala. We also offer a SALUD Medical Spanish program that inexpensively offers medical students the opportunity to gain some professional experience and will prepare them to better serve the Hispanic community in the US.

See Spanish Courses in Antigua, Guatemala

Spanish and Scuba (Tenerife, Spain)

During January to March, the temperatures average 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit in Tenerife. Whether you are a beginner scuba diver or you are already certified, AmeriSpan’s Spanish & Scuba program in Tenerife, Spain is a great way to incorporate your interests with language learning. Tenerife is a Spanish island and the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is best known for its beautiful cliffs, exotic beaches and pristine waters. While taking part in 5 hours of scuba diving lessons per week, you will become one with the underwater world full of exotic animals and sea creatures. Great for couples or the whole family, Tenerife's spectacular water with fabulous air and year-round warm water temperature will surely bring you one step closer to your passion for the relaxing adventure that awaits you in Spanish & Scuba!

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