AmeriSpan Study Abroad Halloween Update

Happy Halloween! We just wanted to "scare" you into deciding on a program soon because during the first few days of November we will be posting our 2011 prices.  In many locations prices are higher but we have a Halloween treat for you!  Register before the end of the day November 2nd and you'll pay 2010 prices and we will even give you an extra $100 off.  Just make sure you use discount code "Halloween Treat" when registering.

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Off the Press
* 2010 Star Award - For the 2nd straight year AmeriSpan earned the LTM Star Award for best agency in North America
* Specials Galore - $45/week off Germany, $200 off Argentina, $99 off Antigua, 15% off Panama & much more

Meet The School: Sosua, Dominican Republic
Enjoy great weather, sandy beaches, Caribbean culture while improving your Spanish at our program in Sosua, Dominican Republic.  Learn the director's own personal story in our Meet the School in Sosua interview

Go to: Learn Spanish in Sosua, Dominican Republic
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You Blog & We Pay
We are looking videographers and writers to blog about your study abroad experiences.  You can earn rebates on a future program or we may pay you for writing about a past program.

Go to: Blogger rebates
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SALUD Lead Students Save
Interested in participating on a SALUD Medical Spanish program? Why not become a Lead Student on the program, you will save at least $650 and may be able to go for free.

Go to: SALUD Lead Student info

AmeriSpan is Giving Away Money!
We have scholarships for just about any current undergraduate or graduate student ranging from $150-$750. Find out if we'll grant you a scholarship even before you apply to one of our programs. Apply using our online scholarship application.

Go to: Scholarships

Spanish Program for First Responders & Social Need Providers - Gratis!
If you are in the medical, education, law enforcement, social work or ministerial fields you can get Bilingual America's Basic to Expert Level Spanish Power course at no charge through The Claro Initiative. Spanish Power is considered the most comprehensive and results-driven Spanish training program in the country and we encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Your cost? ZERO!

Go to: Claro Initiative
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The Best Spanish Supplement!
Think Spanish Online Magazine is the perfect supplement to your Spanish studies. Keep your Spanish fluency strong at home with a membership to Think Spanish Online and continue to learn the language and connect with the culture. As a special offer ONLY for AmeriSpan customers, Think Spanish is offering $70 OFF the regular price.

Go to: Get Think Spanish

Facebook Fan Extra
Join more than 2,400 other people who are Fans of AmeriSpan's Facebook page and take an extra $25 off any program ($75 on Spain) on top of any other promotions or scholarships. Just go to our page and select 'Like' this page.

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Spanish Assessment Test - Gratis!
Take a Spanish aptitude assessment exam at no charge.  Get a learning aptitude assessment and see all the other helpful advice and aids Bilingual America is giving away.

Go to: Spanish Aptitude Test & Giveaways

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