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We are almost at Thanksgiving and the holiday season! That means good food, friends & family and shopping for presents. This year, why not give someone (or yourself) an educational travel program?

Black Friday Special Alert! As so many people love to start shopping and making holiday plans on the day after Thanksgiving, we are offering two specials. If you book any Spain program for yourself or someone else for 3 weeks or longer we’ll take $250 off. Or book any other program, anywhere and we’ll take $100 off. This special is only valid if you book by the end of the day Sunday, November 29th, and use the code "Black Friday".

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Off the Press
* Spotlight: Cuenca College Study Abroad - See below why we think this is one of the best College Study Abroad programs around
* Latest Specials - Black Friday Special ($100-$250 off), Free Dance classes in Dominican Republic, $99 off Antigua, 10% off Puerto Rico & much more

Spotlight: College Study Abroad in Ecuador
Not many countries as small as Ecuador have such diverse climate regions. This country has the tallest active volcano in the world, great white sand beaches, tropical rain forests, colorful indigenes markets and ... the Galapagos Islands. The colonial town of Cuenca is the perfect place for the most comprehensive study abroad program around, AmeriSpan's Semester in the Andes

Yes, you'll earn earn a full semester of credit for Spanish and a variety of electives taught in English (see courses) just like many other semester programs. This program even offers extra activities and classes including dance, ceramics, and painting. But what makes this program so very special is its travel aspect including a 4-day trip to the Amazon jungle, a 5-day trip to the breathtaking Galapagos Islands, a one-week trip to Peru including the wondrous Incan ruins of Machu Picchu and more (see the complete itinerary). One of these trips is special, but the program combines all three, a semesters worth of college credit, room and board for less than a semester in the USA! 

The best news, you can still register (deadline Dec 15, 2010) for the program starting in January 2011 and why not apply for a scholarship?

Go to: College Study Abroad in Ecuador

Guest Bloggers Give Great Insight
One of the best things about working at AmeriSpan is we hear so many great stories and travel tips from our participants. Over the past 6-9 months, we have been sharing many of these insights via our Guest Bloggers on AmeriSpan’s blog. Recent bloggers wrote about the financial dangers of having a boyfriend/girlfriend at home while traveling, the ins and outs of homestays, inexpensive excursions in France and much more.

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New Programs
Upholding our continued goal of "Every Language, Every Culture, Everywhere" we have a number of new and exciting programs to highlight. Try learning Spanish in Pichilemu, Chile or learning Hindi in Jaipur, India.  We continue to add Language & Fun programs including Spanish & Windsurfing in Uruguay or Spanish & Salsa in Ecuador and Spanish & Food programs in Bolivia, Ecuador & Peru. We continue to add additional Teacher and Educator programs including a new Spanish for Teachers program in Ecuador. Don’t miss out on Spanish classes in Puerto Rico where we’ve added 3 hours of group + 1 hour of private for a great price!

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Group Programs: Time to Plan
Ready to lead a group of friends, family or others on an international experience they won’t soon forget? Let AmeriSpan help. Now is the perfect time to begin the planning stages of a program. We can help you plan an itinerary and budget to fit your needs.

Go to: Study Abroad Group: How to Do It

Spanish Program for First Responders & Social Need Providers - Gratis!
If you are in the medical, education, law enforcement, social work or ministerial fields you can get Bilingual America's Basic to Expert Level Spanish Power course at no charge through The Claro Initiative. Spanish Power is considered the most comprehensive and results-driven Spanish training program in the country and we encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Your cost? ZERO!

Go to: Claro Initiative
Don't Qualify: Trial Offer

The Best Spanish Supplement!
Think Spanish Online Magazine is the perfect supplement to your Spanish studies. Keep your Spanish fluency strong at home with a membership to Think Spanish Online and continue to learn the language and connect with the culture. As a special offer ONLY for AmeriSpan customers, Think Spanish is offering $70 OFF the regular price.

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Join more than 2,400 other people who are Fans of AmeriSpan's Facebook page and take an extra $25 off any program ($75 on Spain) on top of any other promotions or scholarships. Just go to our page and select 'Like' this page.

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Spanish Assessment Test - Gratis!
Take a Spanish aptitude assessment exam at no charge.  Get a learning aptitude assessment and see all the other helpful advice and aids Bilingual America is giving away.

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