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Have you had a change in plans, or just been procrastinating your decision? Great news! It's not too late to participate in an AmeriSpan program this summer. The application deadline for most AmeriSpan programs is only 4 weeks before you start, but we'll accept applications with less than four weeks, as long as there is space. Don't miss out on an experience that may literally change your life!  

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Off the Press
* Excellence Recognized - Amman, Jordan program has been approved for transferable credit from Brookhaven College
* Still Time - College Study Abroad summer programs in Barcelona and Madrid are still accepting applications. Late fees waived!
* New Location - New language and volunteer programs are available in Bogota, Colombia

Our Top 15 Lists
Trying to decide where to go or which program is right for you? We recommend reviewing AmeriSpan's Top 15 lists. Each list focuses on a theme including: "Most Popular Destinations", "Best Bang for Your Buck", "Undiscovered Programs", "Programs for Adventures", "Fun Programs", "Professional Development Programs" and many more.  We have just updated the "Most Popular Destinations" list so be sure to check that one out.

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Spain Fever
Move over spring fever, AmeriSpan is experiencing Spain Fever! That's right, as the temperatures rise and summer inches closer, Spain is on our mind. Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience studying abroad in Spain.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so take advantage of our Spain Fever special and save $59/week on select AmeriSpan programs in Spain. You can save up to a maximum of $500 off our regular prices.

Not interested in Spain? Make sure you check out all our specials. We have many offers including new ones from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala and Panama.
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College Study Abroad: Student-Friendly Prices
AmeriSpan's College Study Abroad fees are much lower than other study abroad organizations. Sometimes as much as $3000 lower for semester programs and $2000 lower for summer programs. Why would you go with anyone else? Save even more with one of our scholarships.

Go to: College Study Abroad Fee Comparisons

Study Abroad Can Help You Find a Job or Get into College

The job market is still depressed. Have you been unsuccessful finding employment? Did you know that studying abroad could help you get a job? Read our e-report on How Studying Abroad Can Help You Find a Job. If you are applying to college or graduate schools, you'll want to read How Studying Abroad Increases College/Grad School Acceptance.

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Take Advantage of Scholarships
We continue to be flabbergasted that few participants apply for a scholarship for our programs. We have scholarships for just about any current undergraduate or graduate student ranging from $150-$750. Find out if we'll grant you a scholarship even before you apply to one of our programs. Apply using our online scholarship application.

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Facebook Fan Extra
Join more than 1,200 other fans of AmeriSpan's Facebook page and take an extra $25 off any program ($75 on Spain) on top of any other promotions or scholarships. In addition, we will be having random drawings to award various prizes and to thank our Fans.

Facebook: AmeriSpanStudyAbroad

Spanish Assessment Test - Gratis!
Take a Spanish aptitude assessment exam at no charge.  Go here to get a learning aptitude assessment and see all the other helpful advice and aids Bilingual America is giving away:$$ab/

The Best Spanish Supplement!
Think Spanish Online Magazine is the perfect supplement to your Spanish studies. Keep your Spanish fluency strong at home with a membership to Think Spanish Online and continue to learn the language and connect with the culture. As a special offer ONLY for AmeriSpan customers, Think Spanish is offering $70 OFF the regular price.

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