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High season is here! We are very busy here at AmeriSpan, but our schools are still reporting lower than usual enrollment for the coming summer. That means bigger and better specials on many of the programs, which we are now passing on to you! Now is the time to take advantage of these special offers. They will disappear quickly, and this is a great opportunity to lock in low prices for programs starting throughout 2010. Our biggest promotion, “BRB-Going to Europe,” is in place until April 15.

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Jordan School Profile
With people celebrating Easter and Passover, we thought it was a good time to write about our Co-founder’s recent site visit to Jordan. After all, John the Baptist baptized Jesus in Jordan and Moses first saw the ‘Promised Land’ form Mount Nebo in Jordan. Both are about 45 minutes from the AmeriSpan program in Amman. As for the school in Amman, we think it is pretty special. The new group programs and lodging options have allowed us to offer this fantastic program to more people for less money.

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Europe & More on Sale
Make sure you check out all our specials. Don't forget our big Europe promotion including Spain. We have many offers including new ones from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Panama.
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Study Abroad Mistake #8: Paying too Much
The 19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes e-report is available for download. The 8th Biggest Mistake is “Paying Too Much for Study Abroad” and we can tell you, many AmeriSpan students are paying too much and non-AmeriSpan students are paying prices that are as much as $3,000 higher. Why? You will have to ask them. Plus many have exorbitant fees, non-refundable deposits, etc. Go to: Fees, Deposits & Penalty Comparison

So let’s focus AmeriSpan prices. People should never pay higher prices or fees with AmeriSpan, our prices and fees are kept low. However, if you spot something that seems higher, we have the Price Guarantee and Foreign Currency Guarantee. But that isn’t the main problem. The problem is people don’t take advantage of our special offers or Friends of AmeriSpan discounts.

Take Advantage of Scholarships
We continue to be flabbergasted that few participants apply for a scholarship on our programs. We have scholarships for just about any current Undergraduate or Graduate student ranging from $150-$750. We even are providing scholarships to non-university students: If you can’t find a job, you are eligible for a scholarship. A study abroad experience will make you stand out from the pack!

We have made it so you can learn if you will receive a scholarship before applying to a program. Check out our new online scholarship application, so you don’t have to mail or fax us anything. It is even easier to apply now, because we have eliminated the need for letters of recommendation and simplified other requirements. More programs are eligible for scholarships. So make us happy, use our scholarships and spend the money you save on something fun.

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College Study Abroad: Costa Rica
AmeriSpan has been offering our study abroad program at Universidad Veritas for the last 5 years, but we never realized just how much lower our fees are than other Study Abroad Organizations. AmeriSpan offers the exact same program at Fees $2500-$3000 lower for semester programs and $600-$1900 lower for summer programs. Why would you go with anyone else? Save even more with one of our scholarships.

Go to: Costa Rica Fee Comparison

Facebook Fan Extra
Join more than 1,200 other fans of AmeriSpan's Facebook page and take an extra $25 off any program ($75 on Spain) on top of any other promotions or scholarships. In addition, we will be having random drawings to award various prizes and to thank our Fans.

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Spanish Assessment Test - Gratis!
Take a Spanish aptitude assessment exam at no charge.Go here to get a learning aptitude assessment and see all the other helpful advice and aids Bilingual America is giving away:$$ab/

The Best Spanish Supplement!
Think Spanish Online Magazine is the perfect supplement to your Spanish studies. Keep your Spanish fluency strong at home with a membership to Think Spanish Online and continue to learn the language and connect with the culture. As a special offer ONLY for AmeriSpan customers, Think Spanish is offering $70 OFF the regular price.

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