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The Summer is just around the corner, don’t miss out on AmeriSpan’s Teacher and Educator Programs! Take a few minutes to read this update and you will learn about a popular Teacher & Educator programs, specials, and much more!  

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Teacher Take-A-Friend Discount
You and a friend or family member can each take 10% off your program fees on ANY AmeriSpan program when you register at the same time for the same program with the same program dates. Go to:

Edgewood College MAESTRO Spanish for Educators
Join an already existing group of teachers from Edgewood College to Morelia, Mexico. In its forth year, this program has shown great success and now the program director has offered to share this experience with teachers from around the world. During 3 weeks in Morelia, teachers will visit a variety of local Mexican schools to see how classrooms are run and lessons are taught. Participants will also take Spanish classes, join activities, visit an orphanage, and participate on weekend excursions.

Go to: MAESTRO Spanish for Educators (Edgewood Group)

New Maestro Spanish for Educators in La Manzanilla, Mexico!
Are you looking to relax after a long school year? Do you still want to practice your Spanish? AmeriSpan’s newest Teacher & Educator program is the perfect combination. It includes daily classes in both the Spanish language and classes on Education topics. Cultural activities such as cooking classes, Intercambios, and weekend excursions supplement in-class learning. To help teacher relax, participants can choose seaside accommodations at a beautiful local villa.

Read more: Maestro Spanish for Educators (La Manzanilla, Mexico)
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Lead A Group
It’s not late to put together a group program for your students! If you’re ready to lead your students on an international experience they won’t soon forget, let AmeriSpan help. You can choose one of AmeriSpan’s favorite locations on the Ready Made Program list or pick from the over 100 cities where we offer immersion or volunteer programs. We can help you plan an itinerary and budget to fit your needs. Visit the group section of the website for more details on how to get started.

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Recommend to your Students!
High school teachers, do you have parents scrambling to make summer plans and asking you for recommendations? Now is the time to let them know about language immersion programs from AmeriSpan. We offer three types of programs for students ages 13-18: Fully-supervised Summer Camps, well-supervised Jr. Immersion Programs and, for the most mature students, Independent Teen Programs. Programs are offered in Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese throughout 13 countries.

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Five Tips for Traveling Abroad with Middle School Students
Group travel with teenagers can be overwhelming. Enjoy this informative and humorous tip list from Lisa Friedman Morales one of our finalist from our Insider Tip contest.

For the last 13 years I have traveled abroad with my middle school Spanish students. No, I am not a masochist and most of the time I am in possession of my mental facilities. But once a year (around Spring Break) I become obsessed with having my students experience the joy of travel and the firsthand knowledge of other cultures. While it may be too much to say that I am an expert in middle school travel, I have acquired a certain je nai sei qua (in Spanish that’s “yo no se que” but it lacks finesse.) Here are the five most important things to remember when taking students ages 12 -14 with a limited Spanish vocabulary to a foreign country. Click to read more

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