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Spring forward into Summer and don’t miss out on AmeriSpan’s Teenager Programs! First, take a few minutes to read this update and you will learn about a popular program in Costa Rica, considerations when choosing a program and much more! Then, go here, and check out our program updates, along with the current prices and catalog.  

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Teenager Take-A-Friend Discount
You and a friend or family member can each knock $100 off your program fees when you register at the same time for the same program with the same program dates. Go to:

7 Considerations when Choosing a Program
When choosing a Teenager Study Abroad program for high school students it is important to do your research. There are several additional considerations that we feel are essential in the decision making process.  For our recommendations and 7 Things to Consider, read more here:

Spotlight: Heredia Junior Immersion Program
AmeriSpan’s Teenager Summer Program in Heredia, Costa Rica is the perfect combination of Spanish and fun for teens. This program combines all the things that AmeriSpan, parents, and teens look for in an immersion experience. The program includes daily Spanish class and host family accommodations so students will be using their Spanish all the time. For parents, the program offers high level of supervision, with teens never allowed to travel unaccompanied. For teens, the program is packed full of activities, excursions, and service learning so they can see the country and interact with the community. Offering the most flexibility, this program starts every Monday from June 6 to Aug 8.

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Teen Groups
One of the most important aspects is making sure you have the proper ratio of students to adults. Even all the planning in the world cannot help if there are too many kids to look after in another country. AmeriSpan recommends ration of 1 to 8.

If you are not sure you have enough teachers or parents to help supervise, consider taking your class on one of our pre-arranged summer Teenager Immersion Programs. These programs are designed to accept students as individuals or in groups. The daily classes and activities will already be planned and additional counselors will already be onsite.
Also, by joining a teen program, your students will have more opportunity to interact with the other teens onsite. In many of our camps and junior immersion programs, the student body has a great international mix and this will allow students to learn about people and cultures from all around the world, not just their host country.

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Five Tips for Traveling Abroad with Middle School Students
Group travel with teenagers can be overwhelming. Enjoy this informative and humorous tip list from Lisa Friedman Morales one of our finalist from our Insider Tip contest.

For the last 13 years I have traveled abroad with my middle school Spanish students. No, I am not a masochist and most of the time I am in possession of my mental facilities. But once a year (around Spring Break) I become obsessed with having my students experience the joy of travel and the firsthand knowledge of other cultures. While it may be too much to say that I am an expert in middle school travel, I have acquired a certain je nai sei qua (in Spanish that’s “yo no se que” but it lacks finesse.) Here are the five most important things to remember when taking students ages 12 -14 with a limited Spanish vocabulary to a foreign country. Click to read more

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