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Escape the cold! Those hoping to learn some Spanish but escape the cold while soaking up the sun should take a look at our special offers in Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands) or Sosua, Dominican Republic.  Looking for something else? We have many other warm destinations including College Study Abroad programs in Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina. Of course, our other programs around the world are offering classes as usual. Regardless of what the temperature is outside, you'll find the families and on-site staff to be warm and welcoming.

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- Offer: $150 off Spain Programs
- Spotlight: Giant Panda Project

Insider Tip Contest
Enter the AmeriSpan Insider Tip contest and you just may win a study abroad program! Just send us your top 5 tips for one of the following:
- Tips When Studying Abroad
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Cheetahs and Elephants and Bears, Oh My!
We are offering many new volunteer placements where you can get up close and personal with wildlife.  Work with the Giant Panda Project in China, Elephant Conservation in Thailand, Sea Turtle Hatcheries in Costa Rica and coming soon the Cheetah Re-Introduction Project in South Africa. Book your volunteer program in China, Thailand or Nepal before 2010 and you will pay $150 less than the usual fees.

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Spanish at Home or at the Office
Can't travel right now but have to learn Spanish? No problem because AmeriSpan has teamed up with Bilingual America to make learning at home or in the office easier than ever.  The program includes a full year of access to Bilingual America's online Spanish program and 4 tutoring lessons for only $99.

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Learn Spanish at the Beach & Save 15%
Learn Spanish in Sosua, Dominican Republic and escape the winter weather! Located on the north coast, about 14 miles east of Puerto Plata, Sosua sits on a beautiful bay with sandy beaches. This area is known for fantastic sunbathing and swimming and is surrounded by amazing high coral cliffs. So visit Sosua now and save 15% when you register before December 31, 2009. Donít forget to use the discount code 'Sosua Now'.

Give An Opportunity
Former AmeriSpan Study Abroad Consultant, Connie Marianacci, has been working hard for the past few years on her non-profit, Go Give An Opportunity. Those interested can sponsor an Argentinean child's education.  It is a great organization and we highly recommend getting involved.

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The Best Spanish Supplement!
Think Spanish Online Magazine is the perfect supplement to your Spanish studies. Keep your Spanish fluency strong at home with a membership to Think Spanish Online and continue to learn the language and connect with the culture. As a special offer ONLY for AmeriSpan customers, Think Spanish is offering $70 OFF the regular price.

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Lead A Group - Download a Catalog
Ready to lead a group of friends, family or others on an international experience they wonít soon forget? Let AmeriSpan help. You can choose one of our favorite locations on the Ready Made Program list or pick from the over 100 cities where we offer immersion or volunteer programs. Now is the perfect time to begin the planning stages of a program. We can help you plan an itinerary and budget to fit your needs. Visit the How to Plan & Recruit section of the website for more details on how to get started or download our catalog.

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Recommended Airfare for Spain & Latin America
Are you thinking about a program in Latin America or Spain? While you are doing the research; reviewing the programs, the prices, the "What We Like" and "What We Don't Like", donít forget to factor in airfare to your destination! eXito Travel specializes in airfare to Latin America and Spain. eXito can find fares less than published fares, offer alternative routes you may not know about and other tricks of the trade. With 14 years experience, they are well aware of the special needs of the study abroad travelers

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