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As Halloween approaches, AmeriSpan is offering some treats but no tricks!  For example, register and pay for a program starting in 2010 by October 31, 2009, you will lock in 2009 prices.  Browse the remainder of this newsletter and find other sweet deals and tidbits.

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- Special Offer: 15% Savings on Barcelona, Madrid & Sevilla
- Tip: Free Spanish Resources
- Spotlight: Food & Wine Programs

Spain is Special (Treat #1)
Let's face it, Spain is a special country to visit and study Spanish. Unfortunately, airfare can be a bit more expensive than other Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to see Spain so we are offering 15% off any language program in Barcelona, Madrid or Sevilla.  You will need to register by October 31, 2009.  If you register & pay for your program in full by October 31, 2009, we will also lock in 2009 prices even if your program starts in 2010.  When you apply, make sure to include the discount code(s) found here:

Spanish Resources (Treat # 2)

We highly recommend Bilingual America's Spanish Learning Pack for anyone interested in learning or improving their Spanish. There is no cost and you will receive  learning materials valued at over $200. This includes a Spanish aptitude test, the first two lessons of the basic level and the first lessons of the intermediate and advanced levels of Bilingual America's Spanish Power language course.  Spanish Power is considered to be one of the top programs available and includes both audio and visual aids.

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Informative E-Reports (Treat #3)
AmeriSpan offers a variety of e-reports related to studying and traveling abroad. These reports are available for download and we encourage anyone considering studying abroad to review these documents.  Available reports include a Pre-Departure Planning Guide, 19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes, How Studying Abroad Can Help You Find a Job, How Studying Abroad Increases College/Grad School Acceptance, The Ultimate Guide to Packing and The Cultural Adjustment Guide.

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Food & Wine Programs
Did you know that AmeriSpan offers "Language & Fun" programs, which combine intensive language study with and an organized Fun activity? You can choose programs that offer lessons in surfing, skiing, sailing, singing, dancing, martial arts and much more.  Our Food & Wine programs are some of our most popular Language & Fun programs. Examples of programs available include Spanish & Cooking, German & Beer, French & Wine, and Italian & Tastes of Sicily.

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Lead A Group
Ready to lead a group of friends, family or others on an international experience they wonít soon forget? Let AmeriSpan help. You can choose one of AmeriSpanís favorite locations on the Ready Made Program list or pick from the over 100 cities where we offer immersion or volunteer programs. Now is the perfect time to begin the planning stages of a program. We can help you plan an itinerary and budget to fit your needs. Visit the How to Plan & Recruit section of the website for more details on how to get started.

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Join a Group!
An exciting opportunity has just opened up for college students looking to travel with a group over winter break. Western Iowa Technical Community College has planned an 18-day trip for its Spanish students to Costa Rica and has agreed to open it up to students from anywhere in the country. The program includes 2 weeks of Spanish classes and host family accommodations in Manuel Antonio, an excursion to Tortugero and Poas Volcano, daily activities, and more. College credits are available for those interested. To see the full daily schedule, prices, and dates please visit our website.

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Volunteer & Internship Placements

If you are interested in finding a volunteer or internship placement, you will want to see what AmeriSpan offers. Go here:

At-Home French & Spanish Immersion
Can't take the time to study abroad right now? Try some at-home language immersion with Think Language. Think Language has designed an online magazine and community for learning Spanish and French. Designed to increase fluency while learning about life and culture abroad, Think Spanish and Think French deliver ten engaging articles each month focused on fluency and grammar. Each article has an accompanying audio file that can be saved to your iPod or to a CD. In addition, each month you receive lessons, quizzes, vocabulary flashcards and more.

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Recommended Airfare for Spain & Latin America
So, you are thinking about a program in Latin America or Spain. You are doing the research; reviewing the programs, the prices, the "What We Like" and "What We Don't Like". Donít forget to factor in airfare to your destination! eXito Travel specializes in airfare to Latin America and Spain. eXito can find fares less than published fares, offer alternative routes you may not know about and other tricks of the trade. With 14 years experience, they are well aware of the special needs of the study abroad travelers

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