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As we enter the fall and winter, we want to remind you that this is a great time to study abroad. First, there are fewer participants which means smaller classes, more personalized attention and the best homestays and lodging are available. Second, international airfare prices fall after mid-September because there are fewer people traveling. Third, the weather in many locations in Latin America is better. For example, Guatemala and Costa Rica move from rainy to dry season, and Chile and Argentina, have their summer during our winter. Finally, there are always some great specials at individual programs, such as the special at our Alajuela language school highlighted below.

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Top Spanish School Offers great Special
If you are looking for one of the best Spanish schools, consider our school in Alajuela, Costa Rica. We are excited about this special! Alajuela has long been one of AmeriSpan's top 3 best Spanish schools, as they keep class sizes small and offer an extremely high quality academic program. However, this also means they are more expensive than some other options.

The worldwide recession has prompted this school to offer a 15% discount on classes and lodging. There is NOT a $200 maximum discount on this special and it can be combined with other specials and scholarships for even more savings. Additionally, they are removing some of the stricter cancellation/postponement rules that apply only to this location. Save 15% AND use AmeriSpan's stated guarantees when you register for any program in Alajuela starting after August 31, 2009 and before December 1, 2009. You must use discount code "Alajuela Recession" when registering to receive the discount.  

Alajuela Spanish school

AmeriSpan Voted Best Language Travel Agency
AmeriSpan Study Abroad has been voted BEST AGENCY in NORTH AMERICA, winning the prestigious 2009 Star Award managed by Language Travel Magazine. Language schools throughout the world cast votes and each school may only vote for one North American Language Travel Organization. Schools generally vote for agencies who epitomize all the good aspects about study abroad organizations.

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Guatemala on Sale

Save 15% when you register for any of our programs in Guatemala for 3 weeks or longer. If you are looking to do a study abroad program on a budget, Guatemala should be a top consideration. One of the least expensive programs just got a little cheaper. You must register by September 30, 2009 and use discount code "Guatemala Blowout" when registering to receive the discount.

Guatemala Spanish School

Language Learning Software

Whether you want to prepare before your study abroad program, continue studying after your program or just start learning a language, there is a plethora of language learning software available.  Check out our blog article on what we recommend.

Language & Fun Programs
Have you checked out our Language and Fun programs? You can do a language program and other activities like travel, surfing, scuba diving, cooking, winetasting, dance classes, music classes and so much more.

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Honduras Situation

La Ceiba has been a popular destination for SALUD Medical Spanish programs and volunteer placements but the recent political situation has scared people off. The language program, SALUD and volunteer programs are all still running, and daily life in La Ceiba is virtually unaffected by the political situation. The main problem has been getting to La Ceiba due to unpredictable roadblocks. We suggest flying internationally to Roatan and then taking a short flight or ferry to La Ceiba, thus avoiding the airports in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. 

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New Videos Posted

If you haven't been on AmeriSpan's YouTube page lately, you will want to visit the site. We have added many new school videos.

AmeriSpan YouTube:

Wanted:  Bloggers & Videographers
On a budget? Enjoy blogging and/or making videos? AmeriSpan wants you! We'll pay you in the form of a rebate on our programs. Click for details

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