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Although some program locations and start dates are filling up, it's NOT TOO LATE!  Most teenager programs are available to schedule some summer fun abroad.  learn another language and make new friends. In fact, our busiest booking period for Teenager Programs in 2008 was between Memorial Day and the following 4 weeks. Keep up to date on program availability here:

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-Marbella Camps & Spain on Sale
-International Student Body
-Set Yourself Apart
-Get Into college discount
-Swine Flu & Mexico Update

Marbella & Spain Sale!
Think participating in a program in Spain is too expensive? Think again. We are now offering $300 off our Marbella camp programs until June 15, 2009. We never used to include Teen Programs in our sales, but we at AmeriSpan understand how parents are tightening their belts these days due to our current economic state.  So if you are looking at another program in Spain, we will extend our 10% Spain discount to you as well.
- Marbella Camp: Save $300
- 10% off Spain:
- All Spain Programs:

Why Not Travel as a Family?
Many AmeriSpan locations are ideal locations for Teens and parents, or other family members to study together. As a family you can have a unique travel and cultural experience together. We suggest choosing a location where there is a Junior Immersion Program. In most of these locations, teens and adults use the same school facilities. You can even share a host family (but we recommend that you stay separately to maximize your experience)! For Spanish immersion, we recommend Alajuela, Costa Rica and Sevilla, Spain
For all teen programs:

Teen Program Demographic
“What kinds of kids will be on the program with my teen?” This is by far the most common question we get from parents. Each program has a vast international mix. The best part about sending your teen to an international language immersion program is the exposure they will get to students from all over the world. For example, in our Spain summer camps, participants come from more than 32 countries! They feature about 30% North American students, while the rest are from all over Europe, Asia and Latin America. Your teen may make friends with students from Germany, Italy, France, Brazil… even China. And the common language between them all will be Spanish, perfect for even more practice outside of the classroom!
See Teen FAQs:

Set Yourself Apart!
Want to gain an edge over other college applicants? We all know that getting accepted into college is more competitive than ever. Colleges are accepting lower percentages of applicants each year due to rising numbers of qualified graduating high school seniors. For example, the University of Notre Dame received 14,000 applications for 1,985 slots available last year. Ivy League schools accepted between 7.1% (Harvard) and 20.4% (Cornell) of their applicants in 2008. The acceptance rates are at the lowest rates they have been in decades.
Get Study Abroad Increases College & Grad School Acceptance

Get In To College Discount
AmeriSpan has announced a discount of $150 if you have recently had a college application which was rejected or "wait listed".
More info:

Swine Flu & Mexico Programs

Teens don't bother asking your parents about Mexico. Parents, we aren't recommending to your your son or daughter to go to Mexico, if they ask about Mexico, it wasn't us! Our opinion is we have programs all over the world, why not go somewhere that isn't in the news? Did you know, we have a Teenager Program in Montreal.

If you are considering considering Mexico for yourself, call us.  All programs are open and we are pretty sure that we can get some huge discounts but only experienced travelers should even consider it. Traveling internationally can be stressful on yourself, family and friends.  Why stress yourself out or those closest to you? 

Anyway, travel elsewhere is fine here is what the CDC and World Health Organization are saying travel in general: 

Wanted:  Bloggers & Videographers
On a budget? Enjoy blogging and/or making videos? AmeriSpan wants you! We'll pay you in the form of a rebate on our programs if you will blog while on your program or create videos. Click for details

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