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Happy Memorial Day!

Traditionally, Americans celebrate this holiday weekend as the start of the summer by visiting a local beach, lakes, other tourist areas, picnicking or just grilling outside with friends and family.  In the midst of these festivities, however, we can too often overlook the holiday's true meaning. Memorial Day was first observed in 1868 in remembrance of those who died in the Civil War, since then our Nation has set this day aside as a solemn occasion on which to pay tribute to all the men and women who have died in service to our country. That is why so many Americans observe this day by flying a flag and by praying or going to church.

There are many ways to get involved and show your appreciation for the families who lost a family remember, have recently left the service, or who are still serving.  Here are several sites that we recommend: or or or

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Pamplona: Running of The Bulls Special Program
It is not too late to book the Running of the Bulls program in Pamplona, Spain.  You receive Spanish classes, a homestay and get to watch the mayhem for the annual San Fermin festival from a hotel balcony. 

Complete info: Running of The Bulls program

Marbella Teen Programs on Sale

Take $300 off any of our Marbella, Spain programs for teenagers.  This special is only valid for applications received by June 15, 2009.

Go here: $300 off Marbella Teen Programs

New Videos Posted

If you haven't been on AmeriSpan's YouTube page lately, you will want to visit the site. We have added many new school videos.

AmeriSpan YouTube:

Get Involved: Two Grassroot Study Abroad Campaigns
The Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Foundation Act is a bill that will dramatically increase study abroad opportunities for U.S. students. Last year, the bill passed the House with unanimous support and enjoyed strong bipartisan support in the Senate, including that of former senators President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where it was one step short of passage when the legislative clock expired last fall.

Global Learning is a national movement whose mission is to promote world peace by encouraging and enabling new high school graduates to live in other countries before they begin the next phase of their lives. We will achieve our mission by educating the public about the benefits of international experiences, informing people of existing programs, and making the opportunity available to everyone. 

More Info: Grassroot Study Abroad Campaigns

Language & Fun Programs
Have you checked out our Language and Fun programs? You can do a language program and other activities like travel, surfing, scuba diving, cooking, winetasting, dance classes, music classes and so much more.

Go to: Language & Fun website
Get a Language & Fun: Price Sheet

French Bands & Songs
So with all the buzz regarding Phoenix, a French band, we decided it is a good time to list some of our favorite French Bands and songs. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. Some of these aren't available for MP3 download so if you like the song, you'll need to buy a CD or get creative.

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We have recently sold the rights to our existing e-reports and e-books to  As of June 1, most of our existing e-reports will no longer be available for free downloads so make sure you have copies of all our e-reports before June1

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Wanted:  Bloggers & Videographers

On a budget? Enjoy blogging and/or making videos? AmeriSpan wants you! We'll pay you in the form of a rebate on our programs. Click for details

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